The Perfect Weekend Packaway...........

I have put together my favorite picks for your weekend get away......
the total must haves to take you form the pool side to the dinner table.
Ok girls first things first.........

. Ampe up your brilliance and ignite your radiance with La Prairie new Cellular Radiance Emulsion SPF 30. Skin looks vital, radiant, alive with inner light.....like your skin has relearned the secret of being young.
To learn more about the world of La Prairie, visit http://www.laprairie.com/

. For The perfect lip from day to night....Bobbi Brown Lip Shine SPF 15 in 12 glorious colors....for my Blonde's I pick Rosy a warm pinky brown. and for my Brunets Raspberry Pink a bright pink berry......

.For lashes that look luscious with out a touch of mascara, the must have Eye Lash Curler by Kevin Aucoin
take those lashes from day to evening in a single stroke for intense and dramatic lashes that stop traffic in a blink of an eye,  YSL Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils.....blot on a hint of Bobbi Brown Beach Honey Cream Eye Color you are going to love it!!!!!

.Let's get that face looking flawless and ready for a night out after a fun day in the sun.......with a dot of Chanel Tinted Moisturizer. Now let's high light that tan with a shear touch of Soleil Tan De Chanel in Sun Kissed let's finish of the look with a brush of Orgasm Blush and a sweep of Laguna Bronzer by Nars

. Use Nars Body Glow for the effortless tanned look. It's glowing results pulls the stars out of you. It has a pure coconut oil base that will leave your skin soft and dewy.

Everyone have a fun and Sun Safe Holiday.........

John O
stay Glam and  Fab


Article by The Fashion Spot by Sharon Feiereisen titled John Olavarria, Hair and Make-Up Artist: A tFS Exclusive Interview

I met hair and make-up artist John Olavarria (known in the industry as John O) at a cocktail party recently, and I was immediately drawn to his impeccably chic outfit and perfect complexion.

In a nod to what a master he is at his craft, he confessed that he was wearing quite a bit of make-up, and yet his olive skin looked flawlessly natural.

We began to chat, and I was mesmerized as he began recounting a story about doing Jackie O's make-up.

Since then, he has worked with celebrities and influencers as diverse as Bill Clinton, Kate Moss, and Mariah Carey, and styled the hair of countless models for both glossies and runway shows.

tFS caught up with John O to find out what his go-to brands are, his most memorable work experiences, what luxury item he's lusting for, and more.

The Fashion Spot: Was there ever a point in your life when you were struggling in your career, where you had the opportunity to do another job that was more stable and safe, but you decided to stick with your passion?

John Olavarria: I think I speak for many people when I say, there always comes a time in one's career when the "going gets tuff "and you are faced with unexpected hardships and hurdles to overcome. But I know I will always be doing what I'm doing till the day I die, making people beautiful, one person at a time. Because for me, there is no life without passion.

tFS: Was there a defining moment when you felt like you accomplished what you set out to do?

JO: There have been many moments of accomplishments in my career. Like, when I started getting booked to do covers of high fashion glossy magazines, or when I work with prominent fashion designers to help create and design their hair and/or make-up looks for their runway shows (an amazing honor).

Also, the times I have gotten to work with the celeb or model of the moment, the list goes on…. So to answer your question, yes, I have accomplished what I have sought out to do, but in many ways I have yet to have experience the defining moment. The best is yet to come.

tFS: Most memorable work experience?

JO: I would have to say working with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. She’s the symbol of international chic. Jackie's photogenic look and sophisticated youthfulness were copied throughout the world. Her dark lashes were highlighted with mascara, liner, and eyebrow pencil, but very little else. Her flawless skin was seldom powdered, and lipstick was tawny - never red. I have had the good fortune to work with a lot of powerful and influential women of our day.

tFS: Any horror stories?

JO: The fear of waking up late, or missing the alarm clock for an early morning call! There is nothing more horrific than that!

tFS: What are the make-up essentials that every woman must own?

JO: The perfect shade of foundation (Armani), great make-up brushes (Trish McAvoy), and a good skin care regimen (La Prairie)

tFS: Do you have any go-to brands that always deliver when it comes quality?

JO: La Prairie....Soooo very luxe! Love my YSL lip glosses, Chanel lipstick, Bobbi Brown gel liner. I can go on forever. Every line has something that you can extract an "I must have it" from!

tFS: Any brands you categorically avoid?

JO: None that I can think of.

tFS: Any bargain brands/products you can recommend?

JO: I love L’Oreal Lash Out Mascara.

tFS: What are some of the key traits that make a successful make-up artist?

JO: Stay true to yourself and your craft. Leave your ego at home - you should always bring a lot to the table with the utmost professionalism. You are there to make the vision of the client or photographer come true.

tFS: What do you predict will be the major make-up trends for Fall 2010?

JO: Deep Red lips, the more velvety the better.

tFS: One luxury item you can't live without?

JO: My Hermes fragrances - all of them!

tFS: One luxury item you're lusting to buy?

JO: I would love to own and enjoy the Bentley Continental GTC Speed Convertible.


To Lipstick or Not to Lipstick

Even Women who don't wear makeup wear lipstick.
It is the one cosmetic women can not live without- and can't seam to get enough of. Just ask the 92% of women who wear it regularly and buy an average of  four tubes a year. It has the highest usage of any cosmetic product; according to a report in Glamour Magazine. The Average women consumes four to nine pounds of it in a life time. Nothing can keep a girl from her lipstick!

The Image of a woman gazing into a mirror or a compact or her reflection in a window,applying color to her lips, is one that transcends time and culture.

Part of lipsticks allure is it's availability-it's an inexpensive luxury that anyone can indulge in, a quick glam fix rivaled in "I Gotta-have-it-ness" like the little black dress (but has the advantage because it's cheaper).
Even during the depression, when food and other daily necessities were scarce, women still found money for the single cosmetic that would boost their morale. "the small cosmetic represented adventure, glamour and high living at a low price"

I love the traditional lip liner and lipstick look, it's also longer lasting!
But for a more modern look, just stain the lips with with a nude or pinkish color lip liner and put a shear gloss over it for day or a gloss with a shimmer or sparkle in it for evening.
My favorite nude lip liner's are by Bobbi Brown, and loving the  YSL lipstick's and glosses.

John O <3
Stay glam and fab :)